For two years in a row The National Museum of Cambodia has succeeded to top the list of the most wanted museums in the world in a confirmation of the status of the kingdom as a top notch cultural destination in the world.

It is also a vindication of the country incredible cultural heritage and legacy stretching for more than two millenniums.

Cambodia succeeds one more time to shine on world cultural stage as the National Museum from Phnom Penh gets on the list of World`s Favorite Museums.

National Museum of Cambodia is named for the second year as World`s Favourite Museum

With over 1 million visitors per year and over 14.000 objects and artifacts, the museum takes a leading role in the world of culture and has received a host of world dignitaries in the last years when the Museum has become a symbol of Cambodia’s recent renaissance.

The history of the National Museum of Cambodia goes back to the early 20th century.

 It was inaugurated on 13 April 1920, under the patronage of King Sisowath and is home to one of the world’s greatest collections of Khmer cultural artifacts including sculpture, ceramics and ethnographic objects from the prehistoric, pre-Angkorian, Angkorian and post-Angkorian periods.

King Sisowath statue adorns the center of Phnom Penh.

He was the creator of National Museum of Cambodia.

  The Museum promotes awareness, understanding and appreciation of Cambodia‘s heritage through the presentation, conservation, safekeeping, interpretation and acquisition of Cambodian cultural material.

It aims to educate and inspire its visitors with a humongous collection of huge Buddhas, Vishnu`s, and Shiva’s, cryptic and poetic inscription fragments, intimidating weaponry, and elegant vases.

The museum carries a remarkably thorough vision of Cambodia’s art, from the pre-history to the post-Angkor periods.

Angkor period statues: the main highlight of the National Museum of Cambodia.

Not only the large art collections or the valuable patrimony had made the museum to top the list of world`s museums, but also the educational trail offered to visitors was taken into consideration as is offering the opportunity to delve into history, to be affordable and effortless and helping visitors to understand, contemplate and relax at the same time.

On November 24, 2017, on the function of the official signing of the 2017 World Tourism, Culture and Travel Awards, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea announced the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF PHNOM PENH is recognized as a WORLD`S FAVORITE MUSEUM for a second year in a row for his priceless artifacts and outstanding contribution to the human civilization understanding.

In 2016 the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF  CAMBODIA received the visits of ASEAN delegates, European Union delegates, who praised the outstanding humanity’s legacy of  Kingdom of Cambodia and of the European Council on Tourism and Trade delegates led by President Anton Caragea.





World Capital of Culture and Tourism has become a program of United Nations AGENDA FOR HUMANITY recognized for his capacity to foster development, growth, opportunities, youth employment, women`s empowerment and offering abridge toward dialogue and goodwill among peoples, nations and cultures.

THE AGENDA FOR HUMANITY is a United Nations tailored program that sets out five major areas for action and change.

Antonio Guterres United Nations Secretary-General noted that  "We must engage our collective strengths and mobilize new partnerships to prevent and end conflicts, reduce vulnerability to natural hazards and address the root causes of fragility... It is critical that we maintain this momentum to advance the Agenda for Humanity and deliver better results for people in the coming years," he said.


European Council on Tourism and Trade decided to inscribe WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM as the perfect instrument for Agenda for Humanity and in building up dialogue and development, in fostering people to people exchange and use tourism and tourism investment as tools to achieve sustainable development goals for each nation of the world while keeping at the fore the values of cultural heritage and historical patrimony protection.


"I welcome the contribution that the five core responsibilities of the Agenda for Humanity make to help achieve this vision and I am gratified to see the progress that is being made by so many stakeholders to take forward the commitments," the United Nations Secretary-General said.



THE AGENDA FOR HUMANITY is a United Nations tailored program that sets out five major areas for action and change, the 5 Core Responsibilities, that are needed to address and reduce humanitarian need, risk and vulnerability, and 24 key transformations that will help achieve them.


WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM is the program of European Council on Tourism and Trade carved out to support tourism development, cultural protection, economic inclusive and sustainable development and sustainable development goals implementation.

WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM on Agenda for Humanity can be accessed here:



European Council on Tourism and Trade President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, has accepted the invitation from Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Jorge Arreaza  Montserrat, for a familiarization visit with the realities of the Latin American country.

Jorge Arreaza  Montserrat, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela invited an European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation to see first hand the realities of Venezuela.  

Jorge Arreaza  Montserrat, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela has marked in the official invitation letter addressed to European Council on Tourism and Trade President: As the Minister of People Power for International Relations I consider with interest your participation in this space of magnitude importance and your solidarity in this historical moment when we celebrated the legacy of dignity and  justice of Comandante Hugo Chavez and of President Nicolas Maduro bequeathed to the Venezuelan people and to the Bolivarian revolution.  

The visit of European Council on Tourism and Trade delegates took place from 15 to 22 September 2017 and is part of a broader strategy of the Nicolas Maduro government to develop Venezuela’s tourism industry and to diversify the nation’s economy and reduce dependence on oil income.

Tourism is a tool for a better Venezuela: H.E. Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela presents CARACAS candidature for World Capital of Culture and Tourism to H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea , President of European Council on Tourism and Trade.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, ECTT President remarked: Venezuela has one of the most diverse climates, with ice capped Andean mountains to the west, Amazon jungle to the south, wide rivers and tall waterfalls surrounded by tabletop mountains and unusual rock formations to the southeast, and a gorgeous, pristine Caribbean coast to the north that has some of the world’s finest and exclusive beaches, such as Los Roques and highest waterfalls on the planet, Angel Falls.

President/Professor Dr. Anton Caragea hosted in  MIRAFORES TV studios and  National Venezuelan Television.

During the week-long visit, the high-level European Council delegates hold extensive talks with various officials like: Juan Bautista Arias Palacio – Minister for Basic and Strategic Industries and Socialist Development, Minister for Communications and Information and Minister of Tourism.

President Dr. Anton Caragea receives for discussions at Hotel Alba the Vice-Minister of Tourism of Venezuela. 

Agreements regarding economic cooperation, tourism promotion, TV travel documentaries and  bilateral information exchange and cooperation for SDG completion in the framework of Parliamentary Assembly for Sustainable Development Goals where tabled.

Cooperation in the field of tourism promotion and ECTT technical  support for Caracas drafting a coherent plan to obtain the election as World Capital of Culture and Tourism was also agreed.

The highlights of the visit, where the two memorable encounters with President Nicolas Maduro.

On September 19, 2017, Professor  Dr. Anton Caragea took the distinct honor to sign the HONORARY BOOK at MIRAFLORES Presidential Palace.

On 17 September 2017, the delegates part take in the President TV Show: Sundays with Maduro! together with Evo Morales, Bolivian President.

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia presents a tourism booklet to European Council on Tourism and Trade delegation.

During the discussions, the tourism and cultural connections between the two countries were tabled and Professor Dr. Anton Caragea has given as gifts to the two President’s his latest book on Interference of Civilizations in European Union Project.

On 19 September 2017, in the conclusion of The International March of Solidarity with Venezuela, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea was invited for a photo session with President Nicolas Maduro, signed the Honorary Book at Miraflores Palace and has given an interview to the Miraflores TV Channel, expressing his support for Bolivarian Revolution role in forging a free and democratic Latin America.

The cultural program of the visit included discovery trips to Natural Sanctuary of Waraira Repano, a tour of Caracas landmarks like The Cathedral of Caracas, Saint Francis, Simon Bolivar birthplace etc.

The cable car of Caracas connecting the city with Waraira Repano.

A special day was dedicated to offering respect for Venezuelan history major figures, with a visit to National Pantheon and a stop to Simon Bolivar funeral monument and Francisco Miranda tomb.

Simon Bolivar: The Hero of Latin American Liberation struggle: a lay over charged with respect for official delegates.

An emotionally charged moment was the visit to Mountain Quarter (Quartel de la Montana) the place where the architect of the Bolivarian Revolution and the apostle of the poor`s: Commander Hugo Chavez is laid for eternal rest surrounded by world gratitude and love.

The delegates witnessed the changing of the guard and where hart struck by the powerful words of remembering for the fallen hero: Chavez lives!

President Dr. Anton Caragea in a moment of respect in front of the Commander HUGO CHAVEZ Mausoleum in Mountain Quarter (Quartel de la Montana).

The ECTT delegation visit to Venezuela has given a new impetus to the relations between nations and their attendance to the world solidarity movement with Venezuela has being registered with gratitude by the people of the Caribbean nation, proudly building a revolution of freedom and dignity.

Venezuela it is blessed with an impressive diversity of natural treasures including crystalline beaches, dense jungles, expansive savannas and imposing mountains and we hope that the beautiful city of Caracas will have a fighting chance in WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM competition, stated ECTT President Dr. Anton Caragea.

It will be an incredible boost for all Caribbean region concluded the President.

Caracas: a candidate city for WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM

The telepheric connecting Caracas and Waraira Repano

Natural sanctuary of Waraira Repano

MIRAFLORES Presidential Palace: the beating heart of Venezuela welcomed ECTT President!

Cathedral of Caracas: a splendid architectural marvel.

Saint Francisc Church of Caracas.



European Council on Tourism and Trade Chairman Mr. Mihai Prundianu is responsible yearly for the implementation of the European and worldwide programme supporting the economic empowerment and offering accolades to the top-notch European fashion creators.

On November 8, 2017 in a public ceremony he entrusted the official paraphernalia to Mr. Sorin Preda, the Chairman of GENTLEMEN`S CORNER in the presence of H.E. Ambassador Anton Caragea, European Council on Tourism and Trade President.

European Council on Tourism and Trade continues his mission to promote, protect and develop the European luxury and style industry as an intricate part of his agenda to promote the European continent as the point of reference in high class and world leisure and luxury market.

European legacy is incorporating fashion and luxury as a result of a long centuries-old tradition and we have to support European creators and fashion promoters at the center of world attention.

To this aim in mind, the European Council on Tourism and Trade President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea carved out the INTERNATIONAL QUALITY Fashion Award as an annual celebration of fashion excellence, recognizing the exceptional individuals and brands that have made remarkable contributions to the global industry.

Venezuela`s Ambassador H.E. Victor R. Carazo, D.R. of Congo Information Minister, Mr. Sorin Preda- GENTLEMEN`S CORNER Director, European Council on Tourism and Trade President H.E. Professor Dr. ANTON CARAGEA, European Council on Tourism and Trade Director Mr. Pavel Avramoiu and Mr. Mihai Prundianu- President of  European-Japonia Business Council and Europe -Laos Business Council (from left to right). 

Each year the European producers crowned with the INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AWARD will be promoted and placed in the limelight by European diplomatic and commercial missions across the world and portrayed as the fashion representatives of Europe. 

European Council on Tourism and Trade Chairman Mr. Mihai Prundianu is responsible yearly for the implementation of the European and worldwide programme supporting the economic empowerment and offering accolades to the top-notch European fashion creators.

Academician Mircea Constantinescu accompaniyeng ECTT Chairman Mihai Prundianu and Sorin Preda, manager of GENTLEMEN`s CORNER and Minister of Information of Democratic Republic of Congo (R-L)

In 2017 the European Council on Tourism and Trade decision was to bestow the INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AWARD for Gentlemen`s Corner, the no.1 creator of fashion and elegance in Europe.

The Council decision to entrust the 2017 INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AWARD for GENTLEMEN`S CORNER outlines that their fashion creations are succeeding blending, in a perfect manner, the best European textiles and fabrics.


European Academy Director Professor Mircea Constantinescu scrutinise GENTLEMEN`S CORNER in the company of Mr. Sorin Preda, manager (up) and Venezuela`s Ambassador H.E. Victor Carazo (down).

These are coming from household names like: Vitale Barberis Canonico and Lanificio Cerruti for suits, Cotonificio Albini Italy and Tessitura Monti Italy for shirts, Como silk for ties and Toscana leather for leather products all coupled with famous vicuna wool from Peru and doubled by the craftsmanship of  GENTLEMEN`S CORNER fashion creators.

Following this international recognition GENTLEMEN`S CORNER  establishes himself as the unique European company added to a selective list of luxury products  representative for European quality and tradition encompassing the most cherished perfumes created by Salvador Dali – DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE, French champagne or  famous Armagnac and from today the elegant and trendy fashion carved by GENTLEMEN`S CORNER creators.

From the start Mr. Sorin Preda, GENTLEMEN`S CORNER  manager envisioned  as his primary target: to recreate the unique charm of the classic fashion on the  market and to provoke with new and daring collections and to build a team of elegance and fashion advisers in order to imbued the fashion with the latest tendencies in men`s fashion while keeping to the letter the tailoring golden rules.

Recently GENTLEMEN`S CORNER  has taken the limelight with the presentation on the market with the stain resistant shirts, tailored from a special treated cotton, respecting all the European norms and in the meantime a special cotton, extra fine that is allowing the body to breath and enjoying in the same time special characteristics like remarkable stain and perspiration resistance.

The ceremony for 2017 INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AWARD  offered to the tailors of elegance and charm from GENTLEMEN`S CORNER has taken place in the presence of the diplomatic corps accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade and was graced with the presence of ECTT President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, European Academy Director Professor Mircea Constantinescu and other high ranking European officials.

With this ceremony, the international fashion community honors the best and brightest in fashion and style under and honors companies and individuals in the world fashion industry that made a positive impact on world communities and has improved the welfare of others.



Recently the world renowned DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE launched a new perfume collection inspired by the perennial love story between Gala and Salvador Dali, a love story that will become iconic for XXI century passions and now will become the launching point for a new legendary perfume:  DALIGRAMME COLLECTION.

The five compositions of the Daligramme collection are named:  Ma Flamme, Ma Muse, Ma Vie, Ma Reine, Ma Force and signed by four talented perfumers: Mathilde Bijaoui, Amélie Bourgeois, Alexandra Carlin and Véronique Nyberg.


As all the creation of the famous DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE we cannot but fall in love with the powerful cocktails of aromas, fragrances and the fabulous stories behind all this perfumes destined to conquer the imagination of all who think as Salvador Dali once that life must be lived and dreamed .


Here are the stories behind all these perfumes as the creators of the new line of  DALIGRAMME COLLECTION envisioned.


MA FLAMME is an animalistic perfume, a sensual and burning amber, in the image of their passionate love. The spiciness of bergamot contrasts with the aromatic vapors of absinthe and Russian sage, both sweet and herbaceous. The voluptuous amber with the red rose from Turkey, symbol of passionate love combine in perfect harmony orchestrated by the richness of the base, where the velvety and captivating tones of the carnal suede ally with the character of the essence of cistus declared Alexandra Carlin, the perfumer of the Ma Flamme.


“In this composition full of emotion, the heliotrope, with powdered and almondy accents, teases the senses with delight... At the same time solar and caressing, Ma Muse is incarnated by three splendid white flowers: the bewitching and arousing tuberose, velvety jasmine and the inspiring and sensual vanilla orchid. And then, Gala being a leading woman,I interpreted this facet of her personality with carnation, a flower with personality with its slightly leathery and addictive notes. A radiant and warm wake that resonates like a promise of happiness.” - explained by Amélie Bourgeois, the perfumer of the Ma Muse composition.


I imagined Ma Vie as a perfume of seduction towards which one would always want to return, as if caught in its own trap. I imagined Ma Vie as a perfume of seduction towards which one would always want to return, as if caught in its own trap. absolute, fiery and passionately united to the lily. And because their love was not ordinary, I added an unexpected touch of Jungle Essence™ hazelnut that shakes up the patchouli leaves and reinforces the addiction. A fragrance with an elegant, mysterious, and wonderfully seductive trail.” - Mathilde Bijaoui,the perfumer of the MA VIE.


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To compose Ma Reine, I thought of a woman of power, with an audacious and impetuous personality, a great lover.

I interpreted the sharp side with the spiciness of the bergamot which echoes the pink berries. But this woman is also a ravishing queen, very seductive.

A heart of jasmine sambac absolute takes over and overwhelms all the senses. The jasmine, 'queen of flowers' in Indian, leads the ball adorned with the scent of iris absolute and orange blossom. The roundness of vanilla notes forms an enveloping cocoon. A sensual and voluptuous perfume, a prelude to an irresistible desire…” - Mathilde Bijaoui, the perfumer of the MA REINE.


I was inspired by the almost mystical power of Gala that shaped Dalí. I imagined a fragrance in which to draw strength, to create, affirm and fulfill oneself.

The energetic petitgrain, along with elemi essence and the powerful Jungle Essence TM black pepper provide energy and freshness. Jasmine absolute notes vibrate in unison with incense and heliotrope flower to form a powerful and sensual heart.

The voluptuous amber, the woods of oud and sandalwood give the fragrance a mysterious aura. A fragrance with magnetic scents that leaves no one indifferent” - Véronique Nyberg, the perfumer of the MA FORCE.